NOBUSHI on Drums

yuu honma on guiter

 konny  on BASS


REBEL MUSIC from Hiroshima which mixes various music elements, such as ethnic music, a noise, DUB, heavy metal, sound, emo, abstract, and shoegaiser, with a hard core punk / heavy rock, and it expresses by the live performance of lump Japan poetry and violent emotion.
Although the toughness of a hard core and the adaptability of a mixture are combined, it co-stars with various scenes and artists and it has exchange, the existence which never belongs anywhere is uniquely matchless at heresy.

GAQ of vocal serves as the representative of the indies label oRgSys RECORDS, deals with all the lyrics of a musical piece, and has a taste for surfing, kick boxing, etc. in addition to a band.
yuu honma of a guitar ages participating (it secedes now) 2010 in Feedbackmy son the first stage, and is [ solo stuff ] parallel and starts solo stuff.
Human power Ambient / psychedelic noise is performed on the one guitar.
It performs at the remains of the old Bank of Japan, the temperance hall in Okayama, etc.
It is well versed in the Detroit techno, eectonica, a dub, etc. besides loud music, such as a hard core and a metal.
And a drum which is stoic as for NOBUSHI who loves death metal supremely, and deletes a life.

 and real punks konny on bass

If time allows, for where or anyone, play will certainly be a principle at the best.



止揚/VOLKIN  " 1000 yen   (ORGSYS-04)
Inclusion music
M1 Bare foot life
M2 止揚


Barefootl life


MOVIE from k.yoshimatu short film LIZARD GILA



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